Frank Galluccio
Frank GalluccioAuthor and Business Coach

About Frank

I am best known as a serial entrepreneur, which means that, over the last two decades, I’ve built a number of highly successful businesses. I have enriched the lives of many small business owners in the process (including some of my competitors!) by eagerly sharing what I learned from the collective wisdom of my coaches, my own life-experiences, and from the world’s most successful and wealthiest people such as Eric Trump, Steve Wozinac (Co-Founder of Apple), Jack Welsh (Former CEO of GE), Michael Eisner (Former CEO of Disney), Donna Karan (DKNY) and may others.

I have used trial and error to identify, implement and prove the positive impact of branding, marketing, lead generation and tactics that convert leads into sales that work for every type of business. <br>

Being an entrepreneur can be a rewarding journey filled with financial and personal success. And, there is nothing like the freedom that comes from being your own boss.

Given how many people are starting new businesses, you would think it must be relatively easy to do. The ugly truth, however, is that most of these new businesses will fail. It won’t be because their business idea isn’t great; it probably is. It won’t be because their product or service isn’t great either.

If you can’t step away from your business for any length of time —a month, a week or even one day —without being afraid you won’t make any money, then all you have created for yourself is a glorified J.O.B. (often referred to as Just Over Broke).

In my upcoming book “The Small Business That Could”, I reveal the Top 10 Ways to Accelerate Growth and Profits that can help you achieve your goals and create the most joyful, abundant life you can imagine.